“Good moderation keeps your content clean and relevant, and your community engaged. DiscussIt’s tools simplify the process of moderating high volumes of content”

Moderating user generated content (UGC) is tricky to do and experienced community managers are worth their weight in gold.

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It requires a deft touch to keep your content stream clean and harmonious whist still encouraging engaging debate and not alienating your contributors.

Human Moderation

Every piece of UGC is valuable. Humans are without equal when it comes to making a judgement call on whether a piece of content should be withdrawn or approves. Our UGC management dashboard is built around the needs of a human moderator.

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Machine Moderation

When communities get big it’s impossible for human moderators to view every item of content. They need to be able to top and tail the feed automatically approving the best and most trusted content, deleting or flagging malicious or aggressive items. This is where our automatic filters and powerful rules engine come in. Allowing moderators to sort content into different queues with different priorities.

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User Reputation

We measure a posters reputation within your community, giving each user a score that can be used in conjunction with the rules engine, to make decisions based not just on the content but also on the users past activity.

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Moderating large communities requires a team effort. Keep an eye on the moderation teams performance. See who is online and keep track of individual moderator performance.

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