Why DiscussIt?

The Platform - How it works

The DiscussIt platform consists of a pipeline of different components that import the UGC items you wish to manage, enrich it with additional meta data and perform automatic actions. It then provides a quality front-end experience in which to manage and explore your content.

  • UGC Listeners

    Our UGC listeners monitor comment feeds and social networks, importing comments, posts and images into the DiscussIt pipeline.

  • Intelligent Filters

    All imported content passes through a comprehensive set of filters that rank each item for properties such as intelligence, aggression, sentiment and spaminess. Other filters detect images and videos embed within the item, check words against black and grey lists, monitor for banned IP addresses etc.

  • User Reputation Tracker

    Using meta data gathered from the intelligent filters and also item status updates from human moderators via the dashboard, we build a user reputation score. The score is dynamically updated with every post they make, to provide a key metric for use in the rules engine.

  • Rules Engine

    The rules engine makes use of all the meta data along with the original item properties to compose sophisticated rules that can trigger a range of different actions. Actions can include deleting a comment, adding a marker or calling a web hook. More than one action can be taken per rule.

  • Dashboard

    Our dashboard provides a top quality environment for community managers and moderators to manage all of the imported UGC content. Full text search, drill-down filters and the ability to pivot between content management and analytical views make managing your content easy.

  • Automated Mailer

    Put your UGC content to use and notify users or replies. Our automated mailer can use data derived from your UGC content to automate your newsletters, send viral content alerts, and power your replies notification service. Making your UGC into valuable marketing content.


We work with companies seeking to derive commercial value from UGC communities. These range form newspapers to information reference sites.

Shortly we will be opening our platform up to new clients. If you are interested in finding out more about our service, and would like to discuss how we can improve your community management and utilize your UGC to automate your marketing, please complete our contact form.

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